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Kracie Lemon Soda

When I enter to a Cybercandy and I found a Kracie, I have to buy it!I've tried a few of them and always surprise me, like this Lemon Soda Candy...In the box it comes all you need to make your original japanese candy...First you have to mix the powders of the 1 sacket with some… Continue reading Kracie Lemon Soda

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Wagashi of Minamoto Kitchoan

Do you want to try some amazing traditional Japanese confectionery?If you ever go to London, New York or San Francisco, you have to visit the Minamoto Kitchoan shop! They sell some amazing Japanese confectionary like these...RASUKU (Melba Toast)A crunchy little sweet toast, perfect with a sweet tea...SHIROGASANE (Pan Cake)The famous Doriyaki but some Matcha inside!… Continue reading Wagashi of Minamoto Kitchoan