Every month I love more my shippment from Honey Day!
This month it come full with Japan candies, all of them really surprising!
First of all, and the most interesting one; Popin Cookin Gummy, where you can make your own gummys; I made them and it was really funny! But I could make them thanks to the video they put in the blog!; all the instructions of course where in japanese…

It comes too some fancy candies with fortune-telling include… the only problem they where in japanese… so I couldn’t predict my own future… πŸ˜›

They come too two little bottle of Cola candies!

The Roasted Eel flavour snack, it was really weird, because it has the smoked flavour but, the consistency it was like a gum… really weird!

And after all this amazing candies, for your own teeth healty it comes a bubble gum to brush your teeth while you eat them! πŸ™‚

This month it was amazing, I hope the next it will be too! πŸ™‚