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The Specta Pen

This is not a simple pen, this is the perfect “pen” (I am not sure we can just say pen, is much, much more!) to have in any office or house, really I need the Specta in my life!
Of course, if you love to write letters, lists, reviews… you always need a pen on your hand; so you know there’s never enough pens/fountain pens in your life. Take a look at this 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen & Fidget Ball Combo, you will fall in love in seconds.
The SPECTA Pen is a made by aluminum alloy, is not only a pen but a stylus too; it has a stainless-steel clip to prevent it rolling through the table.

The SPECTA Ball is a hybrid pen stand and fidget device with 9 unique functions; including bottle opener and screw driver too. 
Really, you can not tell me that you don’t like it, because is original and everything you could need when you are at work, don’t you think?

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