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TP Pen – Kickstarter Project

Yes, today I am sharing with you a new Kickstarter project I can't stop thinking about; the TP Pen!The TP pen is a minimalist, elegant, aesthetic writing tool which is based on ergonomics and perfectly weighted for the most comfortable writing experience day in, day out.TP has an irregular design composed of a triangle and… Continue reading TP Pen – Kickstarter Project

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Kuretake Karappo Pen

Books are not my only addiction; I have two more: coffee and stationery… If you know me (or been following me for long), you’ll know that normally my photos in Instagram are with a book, a coffee and a pen. So, today, what I want to talk about is PENs! But not any pen, a… Continue reading Kuretake Karappo Pen

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Supra Pens Advert

I have to say that sometimes adverts make me re-think of how I act, this is an example.This campaign by Supra Pens highlighted examples of renowned geniuses who were not born geniuses but paved their way towards glory by tapping into their passions while honing their skills, conquering the odds in their way towards greatness.… Continue reading Supra Pens Advert