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Kuretake Karappo Pen

Books are not my only addiction; I have two more: coffee and stationery… If you know me (or been following me for long), you’ll know that normally my photos in Instagram are with a book, a coffee and a pen. So, today, what I want to talk about is PENs! But not any pen, a very special and original one that if you haven’t come across with it yet, I am sure it will surprise you!

First of all, this is a Kuretake pen, from a Japanese brand that it’s impossible to not love and adore all their products. They are creative, useful and with a high quality.
So, let’s talk about this “pen”, it’s an empty pen, it doesn’t have ink, because you are the one who has to fill it, with you own ink! But don’t worry, it comes with everything you need to start…

The only thing you’ll need to have at home is some ink, the one you use for the fountain pens. As I have a couple of fountain pens, I have a big ink assortment, but if you never thought about buying ink, just make a quick search for Diamine or Herbin and I am sure you’ll want all their collections! So, once you have your favorite ink to try, you only have to dip the sponge on it…

Don’t worry if after doing it you’ll have some dirty hands, it’s normal and basic when you play with inks! 😉

Then, once you have the ink filled, you only have to insert it and close it tightly! You don’t want the sponge to fall down. And remember to paint the small sticker with the ink, to remember the colour you have.

Also, if you are planning to buy it, don’t worry there are some graphic instructions on the back to make it easier.

And that’s all, you have a new pen with a gorgeous ink that it will be unique in the world, only yours!
If you are interested in buying it, you’ll find it in Jetpens for only $4! Or travel to Japan like me and buy it directly there! 🙂

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