Yes, today I am sharing with you a new Kickstarter project I can’t stop thinking about; the TP Pen!
The TP pen is a minimalist, elegant, aesthetic writing tool which is based on ergonomics and perfectly weighted for the most comfortable writing experience day in, day out.
TP has an irregular design composed of a triangle and a hexagon, the “Trixagonal” tube is the pen cap that wraps around the body, which is a pen. This harmonious combination brings out symmetry and order, just the right portion of yin and yang.

TP cap also fits comfortably between your fingers where you can write at ease while feeling pleasantly relaxed. Above all, the functional cap provides dual-scale measurement; 12.5cm and 4.9Inch ruler engraved on 2 sides of the cap.

As you can see, this is a beautiful pen, created to make you enjoy writing anywhere, but also, the cap magnet can be a very useful fidget in the moments of need.

There are three colours to choose; I know this is a difficult decision, but if you could only choose one, which one?

So, with a precise manufacturing tolerances stop any unwanted nib wobble, a frosted finish delivers a more tactile experience to the user; this seems any pen lover dream come true, don’t you think?