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Quezzle Space Adventures by Unidragon

If you've been following me, you'll know that I love doing puzzles and playing with board games with my family; my favourite hobby! ;)Also, I am a big Kickstarter follower and I love to discover new and original projects to back and share with you.Today, I want to share with you the "Quezzle Space Adventures";… Continue reading Quezzle Space Adventures by Unidragon

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Voxart by Pixio

VOXART can be a toy, decor, entertainment, a puzzle… whatever you imagination wants to create!.VoxArt is an easy-click quadrolock, with a lightweight designand the ability to reassemble art. Also, it comes with an app with hundreds of inspirational arts that can be replicated in real life and make VOXART a one-of-a-kind tool for showing your… Continue reading Voxart by Pixio

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Make 100: Hand Blown Glass Jars

You know I can't stay away from Kicksarter projects, always looking for something original that catches my attention. This is the case of these super beautiful Glass Jars made by Brad Keith. He works with borosilicate, also known as "hard glass". It takes between 3,000 - 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit to melt and shape this glass.… Continue reading Make 100: Hand Blown Glass Jars

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Cats VS Pickles: MAYHEM!

If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen how much we love the super cute "Cats VS Pickles" plush toys; impossible to not want all of them!So, I was gladly surprised to discover that they are funding a Kickstarter campaign this month, and as you can imagine, with just a few hours it was… Continue reading Cats VS Pickles: MAYHEM!

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FlipDie: The Dice Coin Set by Tanner Yarro

It doesn't matter if you love board games or simply weird and original things; I am sure you'll want one FlipDie by Yarro Studio, a dice coin! The FlipDie is made with a Zinc Alloy that is tremendously strong, holds incredible detail, and has a machine-tooled interior to provide random fair results every single time;… Continue reading FlipDie: The Dice Coin Set by Tanner Yarro

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Capable, Garments that shield Facial Recognition

Are you afraid of your privacy? You don't like having cameras online checking every movement you make? You should take a look at Capable, they are ready to change the world! The Manifesto Collection is the first design collection that offers knitted garments that shield facial recognition, opening the discussion on the importance of protection… Continue reading Capable, Garments that shield Facial Recognition

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The Grove Collection by Chad Schumacher

Being a stationery lover makes me always search for new and original products; so of course I couldn't resist the original "Aspen" folio by Allegory goods, a Kickstarter project.The Aspen holds all A5-sized journals and planners, and it adds a full-zip closure and tons of storage options for those who like to use more stationery… Continue reading The Grove Collection by Chad Schumacher

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Handpainted Robots by Eric Deisen

Today I want to share with you a very cute and original Kickstarter project, one part of the Make100 challenge that every January Kickstarter runs. In this case, we'll be able to purchase one of the tiny and cute robots that the artist Eric Deisen paints; all handmade and painted on wood veneer. So, if… Continue reading Handpainted Robots by Eric Deisen

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The Light in the Mist – Puzzle Game

I've always been intrigued with the Tarot; how to read it and understand all the cards on it. That's why when I saw the game "The Light in the Mist" on Kickstarter, I couldn't wait to be one of the first backers!The Light in the Mist is perfect to challenge and engage fans of escape… Continue reading The Light in the Mist – Puzzle Game