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FlipDie: The Dice Coin Set by Tanner Yarro

It doesn’t matter if you love board games or simply weird and original things; I am sure you’ll want one FlipDie by Yarro Studio, a dice coin!

The FlipDie is made with a Zinc Alloy that is tremendously strong, holds incredible detail, and has a machine-tooled interior to provide random fair results every single time; and that’s the most important part of the dice, don’t you think? That you never know what number will pop when you throw a dice, then you should neither know what will reveal the FlipDie.

When you ‘roll’ a FlipDie dice coin, a solid steel ball bearing chaotically ricochets around the inside of the dice coin. As the FlipDie settles on a flat surface, the bearing slides down one of the sloped channels to reveal itself along the edge of the coin.

Each coin is milled to a fine tolerance of +/-0.025mm, which allows the bearing to move around freely within the coin without obstruction

Once sealed, the dice coins are designed so that the bearing will not come loose or fall out of the coin unless acted upon by an unnatural force. Each ball bearing is 3mm in diameter, making it too large to fit through the 2.5 mm wide openings along the coin’s edge. Edge and surface cutaways allow easy viewing of the bearing without the risk of it slipping through.

If you pledge now in Kickstarter, you’ll be able to choose from a few different designs before they get sold out or you have to pay more for them! Believe me, these coins are really original and will be a collector piece soon! 😉


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