Are you afraid of your privacy? You don’t like having cameras online checking every movement you make? You should take a look at Capable, they are ready to change the world!

The Manifesto Collection is the first design collection that offers knitted garments that shield facial recognition, opening the discussion on the importance of protection from the misuse of biometric recognition cameras.
People wearing the Manifesto Collection garments are not recognized as such by real-time recognition cameras, that are confused by the algorithm in the pattern. This confusion makes the camera detect dogs, zebras, giraffes, or small knitted people inside the fabric, instead of the person wearing the clothes.

The technology is based on the use of ADVERSARIAL PATCHES: images that make recognition systems ignore the other objects in the scene and make them detect an item of choice.

After months of research during which textile skills, machine learning expertise, and in-depth studies of body volumes have been combined, the experiments created the adversarial fabric with which the first capsule collection was designed and prototyped: the Manifesto Collection. The fabric of the Manifesto Collection was patented in 2021 with the sponsorship of Politecnico di Milano.

This is a Kickstarter project, so, if you are interested in buying these astonishing fabrics, you should take a look at their project! 😉