If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen how much we love the super cute “Cats VS Pickles” plush toys; impossible to not want all of them!
So, I was gladly surprised to discover that they are funding a Kickstarter campaign this month, and as you can imagine, with just a few hours it was funded! The game is full of colour and super cute designs and the most important thing, it has some special eddition plushies only for the game and campaign. So, you should take a deep look at this post and make a difficult choice, how many Cats VS Pickles do you want in your life? šŸ˜‰

Cats VS Picklesā„¢: Mayhem! is a Fast, Fun , and Frantic Card game that involves tossing your favorite, award winning, Cats VS Picklesā„¢ plush onto a field to score points. There IS a catch though! Toss cards tell you a specific way on how to toss your plush. And if you miss a scoring zone, then its time to draw a Chaos Card! Wacky mayhem happens when these are drawn. It’s a blast for all ages!Cats VS Picklesā„¢: Mayhem is a very easy game to play and can be taught to a new player in under 30 seconds. It’s THAT simple.

There are three different pledges, one more cutest than the other… so, which one you’ll choose? Tell me!