First of all, I want to thank Coiledspring Games, for allowing me to try Bandido, it has been a pleasure!

Being a usual traveller keeps me searching for different ways to play games or activities to kill the time while waiting for the flights, specially when there are delays! That’s why the game Bandido sounded so good, not only it is very entertaining, it makes you think and it fits in your pocket!

The plot of the game is easy and quick to understand; a Bandido has escaped prison and you have to stop all his escape routes with a lantern. It has 5 escape routes on the beginning, and with your cards you have to try to stop him.
You will start with 3 cards for each player, and will try to reduce the escaping routes, but sadly we were so bad playing Bandido that we just finished 2 of the 5 games we played! But let’s admit it, we had so much fun playing it and we laughed a lot.

The package of Bandido is really simple, only a little box with 70 Cards and 1 Super Card, if you have a rubber band I recommend you to use it to keep the box closed! 😉

I think this is a great game and a perfect stocking filler for anyone, is recommended for 6 to 99 years, with multiple players and the game can last 15 minutes tops. The best of all is that it’s only £9.99!