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Living Nature Toys

I love soft toys, I am an adult, but if I could I had all my house full of soft toys, with different colours and animals! I think hugging them is therapeutic, you don’t have to be a child to love them, don’t you think?But if you are lucky like me and have children, then… Continue reading Living Nature Toys

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Christmas Gift List for Everyone! 2020

This year more than ever it's time to feel loved and surrounded by the people we love most; family, friends, pets... it doesn't matter who they are, simply feel loved and appreciated. So, my Gift List for this year is full of games/books/toys I enjoyed and played with the ones I love. If you like… Continue reading Christmas Gift List for Everyone! 2020

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Minnie Mouse Playset by Aquabeads

Who doesn't love to do a cute Minnie Mouse? My son has been asking to do some crafty things since we started the closure. I've bought all type of toys; creative, learning, action... But the ones he loves the most are the ones he creates something by himself, then is the proudest kid in the… Continue reading Minnie Mouse Playset by Aquabeads

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Lift Off by Cheatwell Games – Product Review

I will try (again) to review a toy/game each week, my son is obsessed right now with board games, so be prepared to discover some really interesting and funny games! Today I'll talk about Lift Off by Cheatwell Games; in this space race of a card game players try to lay the right combination of… Continue reading Lift Off by Cheatwell Games – Product Review

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Flags of the World by TACTIC – Product Review

I am a mother of a 3 and a half year old son, so I normally buy the toys that I think would fit on my little one's needs or something that he really asks to have. I am telling you this because Flags of the World by TACTIC, the toy I will share my… Continue reading Flags of the World by TACTIC – Product Review

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Ryans Race World by Ryans World – Product Review

I'll have to admit that I've had doubts if I would share my review on this product or not. Not for the quality of the product but for the brand, I don't really like the super Youtuber brands, I don't trust them. And that's what made me decide to share my review in the Ryans… Continue reading Ryans Race World by Ryans World – Product Review