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Living Nature Toys

I love soft toys, I am an adult, but if I could I had all my house full of soft toys, with different colours and animals! I think hugging them is therapeutic, you don’t have to be a child to love them, don’t you think?
But if you are lucky like me and have children, then you can buy all these dreamy toys with the excuse to give them to the little ones! That’s why today I want to talk to the special brand Living Nature Toys”.

This super cute soft toys come with a Naturli leaf shaped tag, because they use recycled post-consumer PET plastic on its creation.  This plastic comes from used drink bottles and other food containers that might otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans so our choice of materials has a positive impact on the planet. So, by choosing a toy with the Naturli label you can feel happy knowing you’ve gone with an ethical, sustainable choice that’s also lots of fun.

I have to admit that I discovered this brand because I was lucky to win one of their dogs, and I can’t say thanks enough, it’s my son’s best friend since day one, called him “Nature”.

I can say that the toys are soft and sturdy, very realistic and super cute! I’ve seen in the homepage that the toy comes with an original Carry Case and also with an Animal Passport. I can’t talk about it because I only receive the soft toy, but I think it makes the plush more original and like having a real animal instead of a “toy”.

So, if you are planning your Christmas gifts, birthday present or simply because, these animals are a great surprise, for young and adults, believe me!


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