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Arti’Stick by Pébeo

This summer had been quite difficult for me, my son is starting to get older, so I had to have a lot of activities planned to make with him. I discovered quite a few new brands and one of our favourites is Pébeo.

I wasn’t looking for anything special, but some paints that allowed us to pain and then stick it on the window was to tempting to not buy! 🙂
The Arti’Stick starter kit comes with 8 repositionable water paints, plastic sheets, pattern sheets and 1 glitter bag. Semi-transparent colours and resistant to light, with a uniform finish.

The Arti’stick colours are pastel and opaque when wet. Once dry, the colours become bright and transparent.
On the instructions it says that after 24hours of drying, the pattern may be peeled off, sadly, in Ireland were more 48 hours, but it was only the wait! And once the film is dry, you can  “stick” onto a multitude surfaces. We have only used it on windows and they are perfect to decorate, believe me.

There are some patterns included, but you can also try to find your own on the internet, it’s really fun! I think we made 8 designs and one that didn’t worked out, and we still have paint, so I think this was a hit and not expensive all!
Have you tried it? Do you have any favourite pain brand? I think we will buy more of this paint, it’s addictive! 😉

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