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Lego House – Denmark

If you’ve been following me in Instagram I am sure you’ve seen that this year we’ve spend our summer holidays in Denmark! And of course we couldn’t miss to visit the original and special Lego House, it was so special that from now on Lego will have a special part in my heart.

The village that Lego House is located is called Billund, small, but they have a small bakery with some delicious pastries that make the waiting for your time slot to enter sweet and yummy. When we booked the tickets online for the Lego House, they send us a nice email showing us where to park the car, a free one (15 minutes walking to the centre) or a paid one (5 minutes walking); of course we knew that we would be spending a lot in the store, so we decided to go for the free one, it was a nice walk and we were so excited that in no time we were at the front of the famous house!

It’s quite easy to see, there are some huge bricks to make photos and show you were you are…
From the moment you enter you can see amazing Lego creations and nice staff that tries to help you in all your needs, also, there are some free lockers to leave your jackets and bags to have total freedom to play.

The tickets you have are exchanged for a bracelet that has a code to allow you to enter/exit the house and play with all the screens inside the house. And I think this is the thing my son loved the most, the screens, because you can find interactive screens in all parts of the house, with information about the room you are in and to make photos of your creations with a nice background. Here is a collage of some of the “designs” we created…

I can’t list all the rooms you can find inside the house, it will spoil the mystery if you visit it, but believe me, there’s a room for anyone! And possibly this is the one I loved the most, to create my own flower! 😉

There was a special event to create your own square with only yellow and blue dots. I really enjoyed the challenge and here is what I created, they will put all the creations together and make a big mosaic in September!

I can not forget to talk about the original interactive bee robots, where you had to plant flowers and make honey with your own bees, it was fun! My son didn’t really understand the full process, but I had a lot of fun! 😉

And the most important and original thing at the Lego House is the restaurant, because if you book in advance, there’s a special restaurant that has two cute robots that make your food! And you have to order it making your special Lego creations… My son loved this, he spend 20 minutes looking at the robots, really the food didn’t matter that much, only the robots! The food is not the best we’ve tried in Denmark, but it was good and it was really worth the try! Also, they give you some Lego to play while you are waiting for the food and a little surprise for the kids.

I bought some special packs from the Lego House but I’ll share them another day! 😉 If you are planning to visit Denmark, I would recommend you to visit the Lego House, it is worth it!

Of course, I can’t forget the memento that every visitor receives at the end of the visit, a little bag with 6 red Lego bricks and a unique design created specially for you!

At the end of this post I don’t know if I put too many images or not enough… I had so many photos of our creations, the house and special moments that I didn’t know which ones were better to share! I hope it’s enough to show you how amazing the Lego House is, while at the same time without boring you with too many photos!

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