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Lift Off by Cheatwell Games – Product Review

I will try (again) to review a toy/game each week, my son is obsessed right now with board games, so be prepared to discover some really interesting and funny games!
Today I’ll talk about Lift Off by Cheatwell Games; in this space race of a card game players try to lay the right combination of different cards to form launch pads. You have to be the first to blast off and leave your opponent’s stranded!
I’ll say from the beginning that Cheatwell Games is a brand I trust and love, their games are always original and let you have hours of fun. So, I wasn’t expecting less from this round card game Lift Off.The game comes in a round tin full of round cards printed on both sides, even if the rules may sound complicated, they are not. It is recommended for 6+ and between 2 to 5 players but my son who is 3 understands the rules and can play with it. Yes, we play it slower than if you would play with adults, but my point is that if he can play with it everyone can! Believe me, it’s easy to understand and you’ll have so much fun with it.

In the beginning you have to put four cards in the centre of the table turned over and the player have to find a card in their hand that has a different combination to the one showed (different object, colour and number of objects). When a player finds the third card, it will complete the set, place it down and can make a “Lift-Off”. Then removing them from the centre of the table and put a card from their hand at the centre. When somebody places their last card, the player with the greatest number of cards wins the game.

This has to be a quick game, one against the others, but playing with a little one it’s not easy, so we take turns and this way he can play and understand the mechanism of the game. An amazing way to teach him logic, games and fun at the same time!
I’ll admit that before I wouldn’t have chosen to play this game, I’ve never played much board games at home so I didn’t know how much fun it is! This is part of the Round Tin Games collection with another few in them: Polar Panic; Silly Safari; Scissors, Paper, Stone; Caveman they are all £7.99, a very fair price for the hours of fun we can have with them!
This little tin is always with me in my bag, because no matter if we go out for a dinner or we take a plane, it always saves my life in the moments of boredom!

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