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Flags of the World by TACTIC – Product Review

I am a mother of a 3 and a half year old son, so I normally buy the toys that I think would fit on my little one’s needs or something that he really asks to have. I am telling you this because Flags of the World by TACTIC, the toy I will share my review today doesn’t fit my son’s age at all, on the contrary, he is too young to play and understand the game. But, oh yes, there’s a but, I bought Flags of the World because he asked for it every day, he is totally obsessed with flags, not because I want him to learn them, we even have a big map to know in which country we live and which one we’ll travel next month! So, let’s be honest, if you have a little kid, Flags of the World, possibly will have no interest at all to them, but if you have an 8 year old child or older (even adults) and love to travel, I think they will love Flags of the World and learn a lot of new and interesting things!

I always like to write a little bit about the brands of the games I am sharing, so let’s talk a little bit about TACTIC. For over fifty years the Finnish board game company Tactic has been known for its innovative, exciting and high-quality games that delight millions of families around the world. Their mission is to produce board games that help families and friends spend quality time together achieving the goal when our games are played time and time again. Only the most exciting new game ideas meet their high development standards as they aim to bring the best possible entertainment for players of all ages. Together with well-chosen classic games, their products offer an outstanding price-quality ratio in games with the right balance of luck and strategy. Tactic also manufacture and distribute everyone’s favourite licensed game and represent many innovative and well known toy brands. Let me tell you a secret, I’ll fly to Finland on December and after taking a look at Tactic Finnish website, I have a long list of toys to buy for my little one! But shh, it’s a surprise! 😉
Let’s talk a little about the game Flags of the World and how much fun you can have learning something new! Because this is a toy for young and adults, don’t doubt about it.

Inside the box you’ll find 200 flag cards, 6 continent boards and a world map. Each continent has a colour marking each flag with a different colour depending on the continent.

The objective of the game is placing each flag on the correct continent. Yes, it would be a little difficult, there are so many different flags that I am sure that you don’t know all of them, so it will be more a guess game than a serious game! I’ll have to admit that I have no idea of geography, so I am always guessing from where the flag it could be, and if we decided that if we guess it correctly we can eat an M&M! We have to give some energy to the brain after this hard work, don’t you think? There are so many flags that have the same colours and just change their position in the flag or the strip colours that it’s not easy at all!

Of course I can’t play this game with my 3 year old son! But I’ll have to say that I love his eager to learn more and discover the flags of the countries we have already visited or we’ll visit soon! For now he looks at the flags, asks me from which country are them and puts them more or less on the correct continent (thanks to the colours, of course!!).

I want to talk a little in detail about the cards, because they are more complete than you can expect! On one side there’s the flag, of course; the other side has the name of the country of the flag, the surface area of the country, the population and some basic information of the country. Yes, it’s like having an interactive atlas!

Now, if you want you can use the digital app to play with it. You can choose the mode you are playing and how many people are playing but it will only tell you how much time you have left to answer the question, don’t expect to have anything more! Maybe in the future they will add some special questions or new flags… (maybe Catalonia?? you never know!)

So, I am sure you are asking which is your opinion in general of Flags of the World, am I right?
For me it is a total hit, it was the toy I was looking for my little one. Cards with flags, he can look at them, remember the patterns and try to start learning the countries on the back. For older ones? I think it has the same utility, remembering the patterns and designs of the flags and perfecting their reading with the new country names. So, if you are looking for a game to learn and have fun that you’ll never get bored, this is the one you are searching! And remember, you can always add some “treats” when someone gets the country right, I am sure they will be really “helpful’!
You can buy it at the same place that I did, on Booghe for £11.99 or Amazon for £10.93.








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