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Lite-Brite Oval HD by Basic Fun! – Review

Who doesn't need something to disconnect and have fun from time to time? Because even if this is advertised as a child's toy, believe me when I say that it doesn't matter the age of the one who's playing with it, they will love it! The Lite-Brite Oval HD box comes with everything you need… Continue reading Lite-Brite Oval HD by Basic Fun! – Review

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Ryans Race World by Ryans World – Product Review

I'll have to admit that I've had doubts if I would share my review on this product or not. Not for the quality of the product but for the brand, I don't really like the super Youtuber brands, I don't trust them. And that's what made me decide to share my review in the Ryans… Continue reading Ryans Race World by Ryans World – Product Review

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My Little World Craft – Airport

It's not easy finding pocket toys to keep the children interested for a long time. I've been struggling to keep my little one entertained these days with the house moving, but discovering the "My Little World" packages was my salvation on these stressful days! Let's talk a little bit about the My Little World Craft;… Continue reading My Little World Craft – Airport

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So Bomb DIY by Canal Toys

One of the things I like most to go to the Blogon UK is to discover new products and new brands to play and have a great time with my family and friends. At the May conference we had the chance to discover the French brand Canal Toys, a brand specialised in creative toys; slime,… Continue reading So Bomb DIY by Canal Toys

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Toys For Travelling With Small Children

Having a little child makes travelling quite difficult sometimes, I always have to take special care of which toys I take with us, it can endanger our mood during all trip!We don't allow our little one to play with our mobiles or any type of tablets, so we always have to take a bag full… Continue reading Toys For Travelling With Small Children