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Ryans Race World by Ryans World – Product Review

I’ll have to admit that I’ve had doubts if I would share my review on this product or not. Not for the quality of the product but for the brand, I don’t really like the super Youtuber brands, I don’t trust them. And that’s what made me decide to share my review in the Ryans Race World, because if I would had the chance to try it I would never buy it!
Let’s talk a little about the Ryans World brand, is a really famous brand in the US that’s based on a little boy Youtuber who has millions of followers and now has his own brand of toys. If you want to take a look at the Ryans World page you’ll be astonished with all the variety of products that he has reviewed and has his face on it!

Let’s talk a little about the Ryans Race World by Pocket Watch, it’s a very extensive range with some different vehicles and their own driver on each one. This is the second series and you can find: a Race Rod, a Sky Fighter, a Patrol Car, a Rocket Ship, a Tractor and a Road Cruiser. I didn’t have the chance to try which one I was given, it was included on the BlogOn goodie bag, so it was luck that I had the Race Rod.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Race Rod, it’s blue and yellow as you can see and it comes with the driver with a helmet to protect him in the dangerous roads! It’s quite big and perfect for little hands to play with it. I was surprised that the car has so many details and so similar to a real car; the carburator, lights, glass… and the plate with Ryan’s on it, or course! If you pull back and release the vehicle will race forward! The driver has some mobility on the hands and the head, not much but it’s not static completely.
There are some holes on the driver shoes to help him stay in the car, and I can say that it stays…

The most funny part it was that there were some stickers included, but I didn’t see them before it was too late and my little one had already decided to stick all of them on the car! So it was a plus discovering them!

Ok, my opinion on the toy in general is that it is really good. My son loved it since the first moment, without knowing anything at all of the Ryans’s World. The car is big and sturdy, I think it will resist a lot of playing hours without falling down and it has the driver included; and the stickers, of course! The price is 11.99€ so, I’ll have to say that the Race Rod is worth the price. It will put a smile on any child, but I would recommend it to a child between 3 and 5 years old, it would seem too simple for an older kid.


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