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Lite-Brite Oval HD by Basic Fun! – Review

Who doesn’t need something to disconnect and have fun from time to time? Because even if this is advertised as a child’s toy, believe me when I say that it doesn’t matter the age of the one who’s playing with it, they will love it!

The Lite-Brite Oval HD box comes with everything you need to make 8 different designs; 6 standard templates, 2 for animated mode, 650 pegs and 1 Oval HD Screen. I loved that there were two different types of designs, the basic ones and the ones that when you use the animated mode, they seem to get movement, they are astonishing!
Of course it takes a while to make the design, but it’s not boring and you can make the designs together with the young ones and have some laughs while you try to put your colours before the others.

And when you finish, the best is yet to come… to lighten it up! You can choose between two different types, the “animated” one that is specially designed for the bird and the birthday cake or the colourful one…

We made two designs, and to say the truth, we loved both of them and now we are deciding which one we will do next… maybe the truck?? Also, if you enter the Lite-Brite official page, there are a few templates to download and have more designs to choose! So… if you want to try your own designs, please share them, I would love to see! 😉
There’s only one problem with this game, if someone is colour blind, it will have some problems discerning the different colours of the pieces. But, once you have the colours separated, it’s easy to follow the pattern because the pattern is made with the first letter of the colours. So, in this case, maybe separate all the pieces by colours before giving it to the little ones, it will be much easier and they will be able to play with the Lite-Brite without any problem!
I have to say that this is one of the coolest toys we’ve played lately, maybe because it’s something I’ve been wanting to play since I was a kid? Or maybe because it is! It’s great because you don’t need much to have fun, only to sit and let the design form in front of your eyes!

It needs 3 batteries that are not included, but I can say that they last a long time, so don’t worry about lighting up the Lite-Brite as much as you want, and have a lot of fun! 😉 And you can buy it here!!

This game was gifted but the opinions are mine.


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