One of the things I like most to go to the Blogon UK is to discover new products and new brands to play and have a great time with my family and friends. At the May conference we had the chance to discover the French brand Canal Toys, a brand specialised in creative toys; slime, bath bombs, dough… The product that intrigued me most of their range was the bath bombs; I had been searching for kid bath bombs for a while without any luck, so having the chance to doing them at home was something that I couldn’t resist to try! I will have to admit that I was one of the luckiest ones of the conference to win a pack of the So Bomb DIY and you can imagine how happy I was! 😉
There are three types of products in the So Bomb DIY range; the Bath Bomb Kit (£3.99), Bath Bomb Vanity Case (£14.99) and the Bath Bomb Factory (£19.99). I shared the Smyths links, but I am sure you can find them on Amazon too!

Let’s talk a little about this product, the So Bomb DIY is a toy recommended for 6 years old, so if you plan to use it with a younger child be careful, there are small parts on it and the products are toxic if eaten. I played with this toy with my 3 years old, always checking what he was doing and never allowing him to touch any chemical parts. So saying this, let me show you the full package.

It comes with everything you need to do not only a pretty Unicorn bath ball but a couple more of bath bombs. I would recommend you to search for old ice moulds and use it with the remnants of the mixture. I am sure you’ll child will be delighted to have a couple of bomb days! 😉
The instructions are really easy to follow and well explained on the paper inside the package, and I am sure you know how kids love to do everything they can to help and create things, my son loved it…


After mixing all the things we put the “brilliants” to one side of the unicorn and add the mix to it…

And after 12 hours, yes you can start using your bomb after an hour, but is recommended to wait a little bit more for the mixture to be totally solid. So take a look at our beautiful Unicorn!

Let’s say that it didn’t last long, the same night went directly to hot water to make a bath more relaxing and perfect than ever. It was worth every minute of it!

This is an amazing product, to gift as a present, to simply make a surprise to your kids or for a rainy day, no matter the age of the kid, I can assure you it will be a hit!