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My Little World Craft – Airport

It’s not easy finding pocket toys to keep the children interested for a long time. I’ve been struggling to keep my little one entertained these days with the house moving, but discovering the “My Little World” packages was my salvation on these stressful days!

Let’s talk a little bit about the My Little World Craft; it was created by Richard and Tim, both parents, to  reduce screen time and media use during play time. My Little World provides a child with creative play opportunities using simple tools: Drawings, card and colouring pencils. There are quite a few packages to choose; Airport, Christmas Time, Emergency Services; Fairy Village, Space Station Foxtrot and Village High Street.
I had chosen the Airport kit for my son, he is totally obsessed with planes! Take a look at the full package…

I know you cann’t see all the different cards, but there are 2 Buildings, 15 Charaters and 7 planes and vehicles; take a look…

Yes, as you can see there’s everything you need to keep your little fellas entertained without anything more to need.


The designs are made with thick paper to be more sturdy and strong to keep the little ones playing without melting on their hands. The designs are funny and original, full of detail and cute characters. My little one loves to learn new words and things and this was perfect to teach him new words. Another thing that I really liked about these kits are that they come with a paper box package, that no matter how many times you open/close it, it resists everything! And of course I can not forget the variety of pencil colours that are included, 12! I am so bored of the typical 6 colours that in the end the children don’t know that there are more colours in the world!

Let’s be honest, this is a cheap (only £4.99!) and funny way to have lots of happy hours with your little ones! First they choose which card they want to paint (it’s been 5 days and we are only on the 3rd one!). Then cut it and play with them! I can’t wait for him to start painting the characters to put a name on them! 😉

This is perfect for Birthday parties, holidays and family weekends! I would recommend it for 3 years to up, but it’s up to you if your little one is two and you are comfortable helping them.

I can’t thank enough My Little World brand to allow my child (an me!) to try this product, it was a relief having him entertained without the need of a TV or mobile during the stressful house moving! 😉

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