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The Garden on Holly Street by Megan Attley

Genre: Romance, Fiction
Source: Orion Books
Ratings: 4/5

About The Book

After deciding to tend to the garden on Holly Street, Abby has had some shocking news from her ex. Just when she felt like she was settling into Willow Court, he comes along and pushes her backwards again. Being with Gav is so awfully familiar, something she’s dreaded and craved in equal measure. As he asks her for help, she faces a decision – should she sew seedlings for her past? Or for her future?
Meanwhile, Ernie is left to babysit himself with his dad away again. Sometimes he quite likes it because he can make the flat a playground. But a playground is only so much fun when you’re by yourself. He doesn’t really think about what would happen if something went wrong – until something does go very wrong.
Disturbed from his peace and quiet again, Arthur goes to tell the boy to keep the noise down. But as he hears a whimpering coming from inside the flat, he begins to worry – what’s happened to Ernie? And how can Arthur help him?
As their lives intersect, what will the residents of Willow Court choose to be for each other? And will the sudden appearance of a handsome gardener be just the distraction Abby needs?

My Thoughts

This is a sweet story; about the power of friendship, how it can heal anything!
The story is about Abby Hamilton, how her world seems to crack on her foot and she knows she needs a change, moving into Willow Court seem the answer she needs.’ The change of course will not be easy, starting for a new house! Just ask me that I just moved in a new house with a little one! But a change never mean something bad, simply a new beginning and this is what Abby will discover. She will meet some very interesting characters with their own problems that without noticing it they will start being more than friends, a family.
I love the books which talk about important themes without the reader noticing it. Getting older is not easy and being alone doesn’t help, Arthur needs a change, but he still doesn’t know it!
There’s another character with their owns story that gives another turn to the story, Ernie and his dad; a separation is not easy for the partner imagine for a child!
This had been a really sweet read, inspiring and eye opening. I know how difficult is to face problems and how it makes you feel despair and not being able to see anything past it; but sometimes when you see the end of the tunnel you discover that what you need is a change for good!
Can I move to “The Garden on Holly Street” this is what I need right now!

About The Author

Megan Attley is the pseudonym of a bestselling and prolific women’s fiction writer. She lives in South Wales with her husband, two children and three crazy (but beautiful) dogs.