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Giraffe Light Stax

I’ll admit that I discovered the brand Light Stax a couple of years ago in a blogger’s conference. They were quite new and their products seemed really amazing, sadly my little one was too small to try them so I had to wait… As you can imagine, my interest to these products hasn’t diminished and now that my little one starts to ask to make his own creations I couldn’t resist to buy one product and discover by myself how great it is.

First of all you should know that all the Light Stax pieces are compatible with Lego, they will add a little bit more interaction on your creations; lights and sounds! And all the Light Stax products are recommended for 6 years old or plus, as you can imagine the pieces are really small and it’s not easy to assemble all of them, so I would not recommend it for children smaller than 4 years old.

There are a few things that made me love this product, first of all, there’s a new extra battery inside the box , something really useful because the piece that makes sound/light is a sample to show how it works, so there’s a high chance that there will not be much battery left at the moment you mount the toy. The other thing I really liked is how detailed are the instructions to assemble the giraffe; all the pieces you need in each step and the exact position of each one of them, perfect! And another thing I should mention is how easy is to change the battery, take a look…

Here is a little GIF to show you how we assembled the giraffe, it’s not great, but being on holidays, it was the best I could do!

The Giraffe is part of the Stax Hybrid animal series, with 4 animals more: Crocodile, Elephant, Cat and Dinosaur. I loved the Elephant but my son is obsessed with giraffes so he didn’t let me pick my favourite! The Hybrid series have sound and light pieces, making the animals more real and fun to play!

I know that you can’t appreciate fully the sound or the lights, but believe me, they are there and this cute giraffe is my little one favourite toy since we bought it. In the end what really matters is if the kid enjoys playing with the toy and its price; this toy will be played for long hours and for 20€ I think it’s worth it, the collection will grow up soon, I think this is a fantastic toy. You can take a look at the Amazon page to see the full range of products.

Just one more little thing, this is not a sponsored post, so my review and opinions are not biased, I love these products!


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