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Christmas Gift List for Everyone! 2020

This year more than ever it’s time to feel loved and surrounded by the people we love most; family, friends, pets… it doesn’t matter who they are, simply feel loved and appreciated.
So, my Gift List for this year is full of games/books/toys I enjoyed and played with the ones I love. If you like to be alone, don’t worry, there are gifts for your list too, who doesn’t love to have some me time? 😉

Xmas PileUp by Mushroom Gaming Co.

Can you build the tallest Christmas Tree display in time for the big day?
But be careful… Pile it too high, and someone might sabotage your efforts and bring it tumbling down.
We’ve played a lot of time with this game since I received it and it was always funny to play and easy to have in the backpack for traveling! It doesn’t have any range age, simply enjoy the game!

Bubbles by Cheatwell

Throw the dice then match the colours to the cards. Spot the correct combination and bag your bubbles! This fast-moving match ‘n’ grab game is the perfect way for kids to improve their observation skills… whilst having bags of bubbly fun!
This is a game to play in the floor, to fight and laugh out loud, you’ll have hours of fun with this game, you have to be quick and precise… are you ready?
This game is recommended for ages 6+, but little ones love the laugh too, don’t worry!

Topix by Cheatwell

Pick a topic tile and take a turn… It’s a race against the clock to list as many things as you can that are related to your topic. But there’s a cunning catch – only answers that begin with the given letter will count! From ‘FILM TITLES’ beginning with ‘T’… To ‘THINGS FOUND IN THE SEA’ beginning with ‘B’… The possibilities are endless! Everyone plays at once so there’s no hanging around. A great family board game, TOPIX tests your powers of recall and invention as you race to add unique answers to the lists created by other players. Played individually or in teams, this quick-thinking game is instant fun for all!
This is the game you need to play at night with a cold drink, really, the imagination is really great at night… 😛
I loved that when you finish all the pads included on the game, there’s a pdf to print more at home, this is a good detail that all the brands should take note!

Potato Pirates by Thinkfun

Potato Pirates is an award-winning card game that introduces fundamental computational thinking concepts in a gamified and fun way. It is one of the best gifts you can buy for kids who like smart games and a challenge.
I discovered this game in a video demo online and I run to buy it! Seemed so funny and quirky that I couldn’t resist to have the Potato Pirates at home… and it’s a hit!
Super easy to play and perfect to enter to the coding world, this is a game young and adults will love.

Where’s Dom? by Izzi Missing – Welbeck

Can you find Dom and his friends as they travel around Britain on their lockdown adventures?
Dom Cummings has had a busy lockdown. From the Cheltenham Festival and his local VE Day street party, to the Downing Street Rose Garden via a cheeky Barnard Castle day trip, it’s been no rest for the wicked! See if you can track him down.
Plus, with guest appearances from his Westminster pals, and a ton of in-jokes and extra objects to spot, this is the perfect gift book to commemorate a truly wonderful 2020.
Something funny and to always remember from this 2020…

Where are you…? by Wonderbly

An evil time-travelling pigeon is trying to take over the world… and only YOU can stop him! Send a child back in time to spot themselves – and make history – in our new personalised search-and-find adventure, the second in the Where Are You collection.
Did you love “Where’s Wally” when you were young? This book will be the favourite one for your little ones from now on, they will have to find themselves, what can be more exciting?

Rocket Flame Baff Bombz by Zimpli Kids

Create a colourful, fizzing bath adventure by dropping this bubbling bath bomb into your water and watch it fizz and change the colour of your water.
This seem to be a “children” product, but I don’t think anyone will object if stressed parents and bath bomb lovers use it too, it’s so colourful and funny to bath with them that I can’t stop recommending it! 😉

Foul Play Card Game

Welcome to Edwardian England. The Lord of the Manor is dead! The servants are our lead suspects and it’s up to you to unearth the evidence, seek out the suspects and catch the culprit in order to scupper the other sleuths and win this game of murder!
There’s more than one way to catch a killer though. So what’s it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? These two game versions come with their own set of rules and tactics to crack the case and finger your suspect, but will you use fair play or FOUL PLAY? 
Who doesn’t love a good mystery after a family dinner? Maybe the killer is the one that gave you the horrible present this year… time to catch them! 😉

Wizards Magic Chocolate

The Wizards Immunity Chocolate is absolutely delicious and best of all, clinically proven to boost immune systems. This way you can indulge in a full sugar, full dairy chocolate bar which is infused with essential oils, vitamin d3, vitamin k2 and antioxidants. It’s of course made in 100% recyclable packaging too!
Who said that vitamins have to be boring? Wizards Magic are here to keep you immune system boosted with a delicious and healthy chocolate, ready to fall into temptation?

Fresh Brewing by The Greater Good

Fresh Beer made by you.
World-first, precision-engineered technology for anyone to make 10 pints of unprecedented quality Fresh Beer at home. Seamless process, intuitive and consistently perfect.
Take the Pinter, add the hand crafted Fresh Press, fill with water and brew.
Fridge for conditioning and in just a few days since your ingredients arrived through the letterbox, enjoy unparalleled quality, affordable Fresh Beer.
Respecting centuries of brewing craft fused with pioneering innovation. The future is fresh.
I have to say that this is not a dream, I have one at home and is the best way to enjoy fresh beer at home! 😉


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