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Grabolo Game by Ideal

Finding an educative and funny board game is not always easy, and if you are searching for a game to play with children and adults together and both having fun this will make the search quite impossible!

That’s why today I want to introduce you the Grabolo Game, the instructions of the game are easy; you simply roll the dices (there are two, one with a colour and the other one with the form), then you have to search the piece you are looking inside the plastic pot (there are 36 pieces, 6 different models with 6 different colours); but be fast because the winner is the one that catches the elected piece first!

It may seem too easy to play, but don’t forget that sometimes the easies ones are the ones that you can have more fun!

This game is not recommended for children with less than 3 years, but I have to admit that we spend a few hours playing with it with my 3 years son… of course you can not leave him with the pieces alone, but this game is great to teach colours and shapes/figures to your children; and then make them search for them!
My little one spent hours looking at the pieces, learning new words and learning how to play with more people, so it was a win win! You can find it on Amazon (10.69£).
I want to say thanks to Blogon UK and John Adams, this toy was included in the Goodie Bag, and it has changed our life!

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