The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott

Genre: Psychoogical Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers

About The Book

Rebecca didn’t know love was possible until she met Paul, a successful, charismatic, married man with a past as dark as her own. Their pain drew them together with an irresistible magnetism; they sensed that they were each other’s ideal (and perhaps only) match.
But twenty years later, Paul and Rebecca are drowning as the damage and secrets that ignited their love begin to consume their marriage. Paul is cheating on Rebecca, and his affair gets messy fast. His mistress is stalking them with growing audacity when Rebecca discovers Paul’s elaborate plan to build a new life without her. And though Rebecca is spiraling into an opiate addiction, it doesn’t stop her from coming up with a devious plot of her own, and this one could end absolutely everything.
What follows is an unpredictable and stylish game of cat and mouse—a shocking tale of unfaithfulness and unreliability that will keep you racing until the final twist and make you wonder how well you really know your spouse.

My Thoughts

This had been a rollercoaster story, because Paul and Rebecca are not a typical marriage, their lives have changed through the years arriving in a point of no-return, ready for a twisted plot?
Don’t wait for any likeable characters; because Rebecca is addicted to opioids, an addiction that is never talked loudly but that exists and can endanger any family no matter their background. I was a little surprised that they said that there were sample pills for the workers to try, I always thought that if you don’t need pills you should not take them, but it seems that’s only my thoughts, nothing based on reality!
Sadly, even if we don’t thing about it, pills are addictive too, and even if Rebecca is not ready to admit it, it has changed her life; and the day she is fired from her work discovers too that her beloved husband has been taking money from their joint account and having an affair. Of course, she will not be able to stay quiet and will put in motion a plan… but she doesn’t expect that her husband mistress is watching them…
The story is told between Rebecca, Paul and the two detectives that are investigating some missing women; so be prepared to follow the story between different perspectives, that makes the story more reliable and understanding.
Be prepared for a dark twisted story that will get more twisted every page you’ll read!
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About The Author

E. G. Scott is a pseudonym for two writers, who have been friends for over twenty-years, and have been writing plays, screenplays, and short stories separately since they were kids. They’ve collaborated on multiple projects from the beginning of their friendship, but this is their first published work together. This book came out of their shared love of thrillers and noir and wanting to collaborate on a novel for a long time. They are currently working on their next thriller.