How long it takes to your little ones to go to sleep after you read them a story?
I am sure much more than you wanted! That’s why I am sure you’ll be interested to discover the Sleepies,  they are some very soft and cute plushes to accompany your little one on their nights linked to a very useful application that will make them relax and start to sleep early.

The Sleepies will be four soft plushies from the Moshi Twilight world in two sizes; the Sleepy Paws, the Snoozy Koala, Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny, Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter and Professor Feathersnooze the Owl of Nod. And let me say that they are really cute and soft, I loved all the designs, specially the Snoozy Koala!
Here is a video with all the characters, to decide which one is your favourite! 😉

The Moshi Twilight application has been made by Mind Candy and developed with the Dr Nerina Ramlakahn’s advice, it will help on your bedtime routine, used after the bedtime story, and using a soft voice and melodic music it will calm the little listeners and enter to the world of dreams more easily. Let me say that I listened to one story and it was really relaxing, the voice was soft and the music calming, it helped me to relax from all the stress of the day.

The Sleepies and the Moshi Twilight are created to work together as a helper for our little ones, to help them connect with the story while they hug their soft animal while they start to sleep. I am sure they will love both of them!
It was a pleasure to discover the Sleepies at the Toy Fair London, I will buy one of these cute animals as soon as they are available!