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Typified Weather Poster

Are you checking the weather every time you leave your house?
I like to check the weather will do during the day, not to change my outfit, but simply for curiosity, specially on these days that it had to “snow”… Because yes, it snowed, but for only 5 minutes! But let’s not change the subject, if you like to know the weather for the day, you should take a look at this Kickstarter project, the Typified Weather Poster!

This Typified Weather Poster uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather. As the weather forecast changes, so will the ink on the paper. The icons take 5-15 minutes to fully activate and will update throughout the day as needed.

You have to admit that this project is really cool! The poster shows the weather at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. It only shows 1 day’s weather forecast at a time, so if it’s 4pm and the poster displays 8am sunny, this is information about the morning you’ve already had. The different weather types are grouped into 1 of 3 symbols; rainy, cloudy or sunny.

I totally love this project, don’t you?


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