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You Said It Cards + 15% Discount!

I know searching for an original card is not easy, there are a lot of card brands lately, but almost all of them are the same, nothing original in them, and that’s why when the brand You Said It Cards offered me their products to try and share with you, I couldn’t say no to this opportunity!

You Said It make some really pretty designs and you can choose the envelope colour! Maybe you would never think about it, but agree with me, a colourful envelope is always much better than a boring white!

So, let’s admit it You Said It Cards are a catch! And best of all is that the texts on them are funny and original, so no matter for which occasion you are purchasing the card, they will always be a hit and will put a smile to all their recipients.
I decided to choose one for Valentine’s Day, even if I don’t celebrate the day, at the end of the month I will make 21 years with my husband, so I think this one is cute and romantic, don’t you think?

I am happy to share with you a discount if want to buy one of these pretty cards! You just have to put “BLOGGERV19” before paying. Enjoy! 😉


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