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Valentine’s Gift List 2019

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Or you don’t like these “consumer” days where you HAVE to buy a present because the society has decided that? I tend to be more of the second option than the first, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love a surprise any other day simply because I deserve it! Am I right?

So, even if you can buy all these original presents for Valentine’s day, they are not only for sale on those days, and I am sure they will be an amazing surprise for your partner or friends any day of the year! Or if you want to indulge yourself, of course.
First of all, a postcard, I’ve seen that there are a lot of postcard brands, but if you are searching for an original one, you should take a look at the “You Said It Cards” homepage, they have the traditional ones or the spicy ones… you can choose! All the cards are £3 and you can choose the colour of the envelope!
If you want to know more about them, take a look at my review

Of course, a game could be something original and entertaining to give to your loved ones. A way to say I want to spend more time together, even if we are tired and lazy, that’s why I liked the game “Ganz” not only to have some fun but to think a lot! You can buy it on Amazon for £13! 😉
I have to admit that I still haven’t had the chance to play with it, but it seems so different from the games I use to play that I can’t wait!


This is maybe one of my favourite presents, a kissable keychain, yes, could sound weird, but let’s admit it that is original and the perfect romantic present. The S.W.A.K. detects a cheek and delivers a kiss, yesss! You can buy it on Smyths for £7.
If you want to know more about it, tomorrow I’ll post my review!

If you prefer something darker for your loved ones, you can take a look at this Ravensburger scary puzzle, the Disney Wicked Women… perfect for any Disney lover and puzzle addict! Or to have some relaxing time with your partner while you make this funny puzzle! You can buy it in Amazon for £13!
If you want to take a deeper look at the images, check my review

And the last present I want to share with you is… a book! Yes, of course, I can’t not make a Valentine’s Gift List without a book! And I am sure this book will be loved by any reader, “The Accidental Beauty Queen” by Teri Wilson, it will delight your day, no matter what your book preferences are. You can find it on Amazon for £9 (paperback).
If you want to know more about the book, read my review...

I want to thank all the brands that allowed me to try their products to share them with you, it was a pleasure! Because, I think these are the presents everyone would love, not expensive, but original and entertaining. I hope you’ll like them. 😉

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