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S.W.A.K. by WowWee

Do you remember that I showed you the S.W.A.K. on my Valentine’s Gift List?

So today I’ll explain some more details about this curious product, the S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a Kiss); they have the KissTech technology that detects a cheek and delivers a kiss.
You should know that it is a “toy” for all ages; young and adult, because I don’t think you can put age for needing a kiss, can you?
The S.W.A.K. will make you a sweet kiss every time you put your face near these glamorous lips, long or short the kiss will always be sweet. But let me tell you a secret, depending on the S.W.A.K. design, you’ll have a special kiss. I’ll let you choose your favourite design to discover the kiss personality! 😉

You should know that the lips are not the only thing included on the package; there’s a sticker (with the same design of the lips) and a postcard. This is perfect if you want to gift the S.W.A.K. to someone you love, you can use the card to write something romantic and then keep it always near you, thanks to the little slop located on the top.
I have to admit that I shared this product with young and adults and I don’t know who loved it most. The adults like the idea to play with some lips to make kisses and the different designs are a plus. And the young ones can spend hours having kisses, simply look at him and you’ll see how much he loves them!

There are 12 designs to choose, one much cuter than the other, you’ll have difficulties to choose only one, I can assure you!

They work with batteries, I have no idea for how long they last, but I can assure you that my “lips” had been used quite a lot and the batteries are working perfectly. So don’t worry, I am sure you’ll have kisses for a long time.

The best of all is that you can buy one of them for only £6.99 on Smyths!

I would like to thank Wire PR for allowing us to try this product.


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