My blog is my way to share with the world the things I love and think, I try always to be objective and not harm anyone with my opinions, I have to apologise if any of my posts had offended you, it was never my intention.
But the one I’ll write today maybe it will offend, criticise and harm the people that don’t like free speech and free thoughts, but I can not stay quiet, sorry, #notsorry.

This Tuesday it had started the trial against the Catalan politicians, and I have to admit that I am following it every day, not because I like trials, but because this is a political trial, against free speech and Catalan people, against all the things I always thought they would never be violated, a trial against my people. Because they are not judging only the 12 people that are in that room, they are judging all the Catalans; for their language, their actions and their need to be Catalans, not Spanish.
It is true that Independence had open a wound in the Spanish society, but not a new one, one that had been there for a long, long time. Is not the first time that our President had to be on a trial, and he was executed by firing squad in 1940. It could seem a long time ago, but is a way to show you that this “problem” as the Spanish people see it, is not something new.
I’ve been following the defences for the last two days, how two people that are respectable and had been voted to be in the Catalan Government are being judged not for their actions but for their ideas and thoughts. This is Repression, there’s no other way to say it or to see it. Spain is a Fascist country, they had never left the power and they will put our politicians in prison, for a long, long time. Do you think is it fair? Really, I don’t.
I would like to think that they will have a reasonable trial and they will go free, but sadly, after this week watching the trial which is not available to watch in any television in Spain, only on the internet, I think they are already condemned as guilty, we just have to wait for how long they will have to be in prison. And there will be for a long time, I think that the shortest sentences are for 25 years. Can you imagine? Being in prison for this period for defending the values and rights of your country? Because even if you don’t know or never thought about it, Catalonia is a country; it has its own language, tradition, culture and values. You can like it or not, but Catalonia is not Spain and it will never be.
If you had the chance to read the news, the interviews and the thoughts of all the journalists around the world, because you can have the freedom to read all the parts, while in Spain there is only one voice they are allowed to list, the one against Catalonia. They don’t have the freedom to decide what to listen or watch, they have forbidden to film and share the trial to any public or private television in Spain, do you think is normal? Or it would mean an impartial trial? Because after all the things they have done and said, I don’t think this is a fair trial, do you?
I would like to apologise if I will bore you with all the Catalan comments and links I will share for the next 2/3 months, but I am Catalan and the only way I know to express myself is with words and sharing my thoughts.
Voting is not illegal in Europe, fighting for your ideas is not illegal in Europe, sadly in Spain it is.