The I Wonder Bookstore by Shinsuke Yoshitake

Genre: Fiction, Humour
Source: Abrams & Chronicle
Rating: 5/5

Do you know the feeling when you discover a little treasure and you can’t keep looking at it and touching it? This is exactly the feeling I had when I received the book “The I Wonder Bookstore”, is a little gem for any book lover!

If you take a look at the cover you’ll see some delicate touches and full of details that you will want to take a deeper look at it… Have you seen the little astronaut in it? And the teapot? This is the perfect book for anyone, young or adult, because inside there are so many curious things to discover that will delight any reader.
This is the story of the I Wonder Bookstore and all the amazing things you can discover inside in a normal day; the curious buyers searching for a special book; the different types of books you can find in a bookstore or the surprising trips you can have inside a book. Because let’s be honest, the best way to dream awake is reading a book, there are so many places to travel and people to meet, that when you need to disconnect the best way is entering to a bookstore, so why not take a trip inside the I Wonder Bookstore? It will be the most curious bookstore you’ll ever visit!

I have been following the Shinosuke Yoshitake for a while, his books have been always something I looked for when I visited Japan, but since today I didn’t know his work was translated! There are a few more of his books translated, but this is my favourite one; a world full of books and book related things, really, what more can we ask?
Here are some of the curious and funny things you can find inside, I can’t share all the book with you, so here is a little taste for you…

I really hope that some stationery brand to make some sort of collaboration with Shinsuke Yoshitake and be able to buy his designs as postcards, posters or notebooks; they are so cute!
I want to thank Abrams & Chronicle Books for this beautiful book, I think it will be the most beautiful book I’ll see for a long time!