Jess Castle and the Eyeballs of Death by M B Vincent

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Jess Castle is running away. Again. This time she’s running back home, like she swore she never would.
Castle Kidbury, like all small towns, hums with gossip but now it’s plagued with murder of the most gruesome kind. Jess instinctively believes that the hippyish cult camped out on the edge of town are not responsible for the spate of crucifixions that blights the pretty landscape. Her father, a respected judge, despairs of Jess as she infiltrates the cult and manages, not for the first time, to get herself arrested.
Rupert Lawson, a schooldays crush who’s now a barrister, bails her out. Jess ropes in a reluctant Rupert as she gatecrashes the murder investigation of DS Eden. A by-the-book copper, Eden has to admit that intuitive, eccentric Jess has the nose of a detective.
As the gory murders pile up, there’s nothing to connect the victims. And yet, the clues are there if you look hard enough.

My Thoughts

This is one of those books where the interest of the read is not only on the murder but the main character and all the community surrounding the story. This is what makes the book different from the others and more realistic and human, don’t doubt that you will love the read!
And I totally understood what Jess has to feel having to return home in a city she bores and finds some excitation in her life with murder! Yes, I know, a nice killing can keep anyone out of boredom, am I right? But Jess will not only have to discover who is responsible of the gruesome crucifixions but to try to repair her relation with her father, and let’s say that I am not sure which one it will be most difficult!
This had been the perfect read for a Sunday afternoon with a sweet tea and this book, full of mystery, humour and a little bit of romance.
I really like the books at the little communities, where everyone “knows” each other until someone appears murdered, then everyone is scared and starts seeing killers everywhere… and of course everyone has a motive to kill the victims, even you!
Ready for Jess Castle?

About The Authors

M.B. Vincent is a married couple. She writes romantic fiction; he writes songs and TV theme tunes. They’ve even written musicals together. They work at opposite ends of the house, andthey meet in the middle to write about Jess Castle and Castle Kidbury, the West Country’s goriest market town. When they’re not making up books, tunes, and mysteries, they cram head out in an open- top car and explore. They particularly like West Country market towns …