The Botanist’s Daughter by Kayte Nunn

Genre: Fiction
Source: Orion
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Discovery. Desire. Deception. A wondrously imagined tale of two female botanists, separated by more than a century, in a race to discover a life-saving flower…
In Victorian England, headstrong adventuress Elizabeth takes up her late father’s quest for a rare, miraculous plant. She faces a perilous sea voyage, unforeseen dangers and treachery that threatens her entire family.
In present-day Australia, Anna finds a mysterious metal box containing a sketchbook of dazzling watercolours, a photograph inscribed ‘Spring 1886’ and a small bag of seeds. It sets her on a path far from her safe, carefully ordered life, and on a journey that will force her to face her own demons.

My Thoughts

Our ancestors story has a deep relation with our present story, no matter if we are aware of it or not.
This is the story of two women that will connect thanks to a mysterious metal box. What secrets are hidden inside?
Elizabeth was an adventurous woman living in the Victorian Cornwall who wanted to follow her father’s last wish, searching for a mysterious plant, making her to travel around the world to search for it. But she is not the only one searching for this precious plant, she will have to risk her life if she wants to fulfill her father’s latest wish.
In the present we will have Anna, she is living in Australia, but she doesn’t have any motivation in her life until she finds a mysterious box left in her inherited house. This box will give her the spark she was searching for the last years, and maybe a little bit of love? I really liked Anna, she is not an adventurous person, her past had made her afraid to live but thanks to Elizabeth her life will change, but for good or bad? You’ll have to read the story to discover it.
This is not the typical book I read, but I really enjoyed the lecture, it was a pleasure reading about plants! There’s a little bit of mystery too, what happened to Elizabeth and the mysterious flower? Did they ever return to Cornwall? Will Anna have the answers she is searching for?
I would love to know more about this story, I had a lot of questions at the end of the book! I hope Kayte Nunn will decide to make a continuation of the story, please??
If you are searching for a story to keep you wanting for more, don’t doubt that this is your next read, you’ll love it!

About The Author

Without being really aware of it, I have always written – angst-ridden teenage diaries, bad poetry, little bits of stories and so on. After studying English and publishing at university I worked in book publishing as an assistant and then an editor. Realising that I wanted to do more of my own writing, I went to work in magazines, first as a features writer, a copy editor and then an editor.
I have been a freelance features writer and project editor for five years, and it was during this time that I began to write fiction. ROSE’S VINTAGE came about as I was musing one day what it would be like to arrive in Australia and find it completely unlike anything you’d expected. Its vineyard setting came about as a result of many visits to wineries during the years I edited Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine. I loved the sense of community I found in these regions, and wanted to capture that in the novel.
Since then, a second book in the series, The Angel’s Share has been published in Australia and both books sold at auction to Piper verlag in Germany.
And now, my third novel, The Botanist’s Daughter, will be published on 31 July 2018 in Australia, with future editions to come in Germany, Spain and Italy. Set in late-Victorian England and Chile and contemporary Sydney and Cornwall, its the story of the search for a powerful, mythical plant.