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Digital Disney, Mystery Collection – Blind Box

I am not sure if you’ve ever been to any of the Disney Parks in the US, but if you ever visit any of them you’ll be surprised by their amazing Pins collection! You can buy a lanyard with some basic pins on it and then change the pins at every store you enter inside the park! Some of the staff wear a lanyard too, so you can choose which pin you want to change. The first time I was at the Disneyland California I was totally surprised seeing people with a lot of pins on their lanyards and some really pretty pins at the store to purchase.
This time I was much more prepared and I was ready to buy a nice lanyard but to exchange all the pins on it trying to find some special editions on the park! There are a few special edition pins that only the workers in the park have access and if you are lucky you can find a gem without knowing it!
So, today, I would like to share this cute box I bought in Florida. I have to say that it was love at first sight, I loved all the characters on it, so it didn’t matter which character I would get, all of them were really pretty!

We made a little bet before opening, whom of us would get right any of the pins inside and my son got right both of them, can you believe it?
Can you guess which ones I had before watching the video?

Oh yes, the cutest of all, Mickey and Minnie! 🙂

If you are intrigued about the pins, take a look at the Disney store, they have a few of them; but I am sure that in eBay you’ll find a lot more, but the price will not be the same…


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