I am sure that you are fully aware that I am totally in love with stationery, let’s admit that I am a little obsessed with it…
That’s why when I see a cute and original notebook I can not resist to share it with you, specially if it has already won a design prize!
So, let’s talk about the Eternal Stationery, take a look at their impressive characteristics:
– Completely Rewritable
– Tear Resistant Paper
– Totally Waterproof
– Magnetic Fasteners
– Synchronized with Mobile Device

Something that I really like is that instead of lined is dotted, perfect to write or to draw!

There are special pages to create your own lists…

You have to admit that this is the best notebook you’ve seen lately!
It is available for now only on Kickstarter, so run if you want your Eternal Stationery right now! šŸ˜‰