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Riccioli Pasta by Garofalo

It’s been a while since I reviewed food products, but I think is time to start again, so let’s start with the world famous pasta Garofalo, which for many people is the best pasta in the world!
Let’s talk a little about the brand Garofalo; what is it that makes this pasta so special? The water! Yes, it would seem strange but the composition of the water makes the pasta made in Gragnano so different from the others around Italy or the world; is thicker and stronger.
Don’t worry if you like the Whole Wheat pasta or Gluten Free pasta; they have both varieties and I am sure they are delicious!
I already did a review of another brand from Gragnano a long time ago, take a look here, it was a different shape but the thickness of the pasta is the same, simply delicious!
I would like to share the recipe I used to try the Riccioli by Gragnano, but of course you can use whatever sauce you want or even simply add a little bit of oregano and oil!
I don’t like my pasta with a strong sauce, so I decided to make an infused oil with sobrassada and walnuts. I am sure you are quite curious to discover what’s sobrassada; is a raw cured sausage, made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices. It took only ten minutes to make this recipe, I suppose you don’t know where to buy sobrassada near you, it is original from the Balearic Islands; but you can use oil tapenade too, and it will be delicious!

First of all I boiled the pasta, of course; some salted water and let it boil before throwing the pasta on it.

On a pan I put some olive oil (you can use butter, but I am intolerant to lactose and I prefer olive oil, your choice) and the sobrassada to let it melt with the hot temperature.

When the sobrassada was almost melted I added the walnuts, this way the nuts will have the sauce oil stronger.

And the last step of the recipe is to add the pasta to the mix, let it pouch for 5 minutes.

And voilà you have a delicious dish with one of the best pasta in the world!

This delicious pasta was included at the amazing Blogon goodie bag, thanks! 😉


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