Today I want to introduce you to a very useful product, ready?

How many times in your trips you need another hand to hang all the things you have?
In my case, every time I leave my house; with my pursue and my son, I always feel that I need another hand when I go to the table!

That’s why when last weekend I was at the Blogon and I discovered the Heroclip I really felt like I discovered my hero!
Let’s talk a little about this product, it’s made with aircraft-made aluminum (to be light) and rubber (to be able to hang anywhere). It has a 360º mobility, so ready to use anywhere and with all type of surfaces. But the best of all is that it is really compact and you can have it hanging anywhere, simply waiting the perfect moment to use it.
There are three sizes to choose: small, medium and large, depending on the size the heroclip can hold more or less weight.
There are a lot of uses for the Heroclip, my favourite is to hang my purse on the table without having to keep it on the floor! 😉 But I am sure that you already have your best use in mind after seeing it, am I wrong?
There are available for purchase starting from $14.95; they are not expensive, so you just have to decide which colour and size do you prefer! Ready?