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Fineliners by Chameleon

This is one of my favourite products to share with you, a stationery product made with a brand I trust and love!

I knew that the Fineliners were coming at the Stationery show in London since last year, I was waiting for them then, so they had been delayed a little, I am sure to make them as perfect as possible for all of us. And now they are here, the Fineliners!

I don’t know if you know the Chameleon brand, they are famous for the Chameleon pens, in which you can make some degradation with them while you are painting, having some ink in the pen and the cap. I can assure you the amazing designs you can do are infinite. So now we have their amazing design in a fineliner.There are 48 different fineliners, from which you can have more than a 1000 colour combinations, can you imagine?As a trustworthy brand as Chameleon is (at least for me), they tried how many lines were possible to do with them and they can do over 32,000 inches; 1/2 mile with them! So, you can know for sure that you’ll be able to use them for a long time.
If you run, you’ll be able to buy them on Kickstarter with a high discount… if not, in a few months you’ll find them on the best stationery stores, but with a higher price… your choice!
Just to say that I already have the Christmas presents for my nephews! 😉


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