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The Peacock Room by Merryn Corcoran – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

The Peacock Room by Merryn Corcoran

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Red Door Publishing 

About The Book

When Allegra O’Brien discovers her husband’s infidelity, her world is shattered and she seeks solace in the sanctuary family. Her Italian grandpapas’s tales of legendary Mama Cosima and the mysterious Peacock Room reawaken her love of historic, interior architecture, inspiring Allegra to take a trip to Tuscany to learn more about her heritage.
While a dangerous encounter throws her off course, a handsome stranger helps Allegra discover there is more to her family history than she could ever imagine. With her new-found confidence, and in the wake of her grandpapa’s illness, Allegra makes an unexpected discovery, and finally commits to fulfilling the promise she made to solve a family mystery.
Richly laced with the colours and contours of Tuscany, and the kaleidoscopic beauty of Sammezzano Castle, this full-bodied romance will captivate you to the very end.

My Thoughts

Let’s be honest, with the magnificent weather we have in Ireland; reading a story with some beautiful landscapes and hot weather will always up your mood, even if it’s just for a little!
Of course, if you know me, a book has to have a little bit of mystery to get my attraction, so the Bella Italia is just a soft part of the story, but I think that with the horrible weather that we are having lately at home, the sun that shined on the novel arrived to me and make me like this book since the first page.
Knowing how a family can keep a deep secret without anyone to notice, I wasn’t surprised that Allegra discovered some dangerous past from her family related to his ill grandfather.
This book will transport you to Italy, but at the same time you’ll feel involved in the search of Allegra; not only her grandfather who disappeared a long time ago, but a search for her true needs and feelings. Because an infidelity is never easy to be over, you will have questions every time you’ll find a new partner… But Allegra is ready to accept what the life will throw her; she is brave, resilient and step by step, she will recover her heart. Will you accompany her to this trip through the history, architecture and discoveries?
Take a chance on the Peacock Room, it will enchant you! 😉

About The Author

Merryn Corcoran was born in New Zealand and has enjoyed success in the business world. In addition to writing, Merryn is the London ambassador for Beau Joie champagne. She also works for London-based Cork Films as executive producer and publicist, with its most recent movie The Stolen released in UK cinemas in October 2017. Merryn has been a keen supporter of UNICEF for the past 14 years, chaired and organised an annual celebrity Gala Ball in London and raised approximately £100,000,000 for the charity. She was made a UNICEF Honorary Fellow (UK) in 2002.
Merryn’s previous novels The Silent Village and The Paris Inheritance were bestsellers in New Zealand. She divides her time between Menton in the south of France, London and New Zealand.


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