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Gone in the Night by Mary-Jane Riley

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Damppebbles 

About The Book

Some secrets are deadly…
When the victim of a car crash begs journalist Alex Devlin for help before disappearing without trace, Alex finds herself caught up in a mystery that won’t let her go.
Determined to find the missing man, she is soon investigating a conspiracy that threatens some of the most vulnerable members of society.
But will Alex be prepared to put her own life on the line to help those who can’t help themselves?

My Thoughts

I will start saying that I love when a book shares the different thoughts of the characters, it makes the story more real and deeper; it allows the reader to understand more the story and feel more connected to the characters. I know is a little bit tricky in the beginning, but as the story unfolds it takes a deep turn to the story.
Can you imagine that someone you love or care disappears from one day to the other leaving no trace at all? When a possible victim of a car crash asks for help to Alex Devlin and then disappears; she can not stop to investigate till discovering the truth. She is a resourceful journalist, and is quite motivated to discover the truth, the only problem is that this case will be much darker and twisted that she ever expected. This is not the first person to disappear, there are a few more homeless that had been missing lately; what’s really happening?
I was surprised how the author Mary-Jane Riley tries to show us how the homeless people live, they just have each other to trust and sometimes hunger or cold are so strong that they are ready to do anything for a little bit of food or comfort. I am sure this can be sometimes difficult to think but is a reality for a high percentage of the society. Maybe it’s time to leave our comfort places and help the ones that need it.
This is one of those books that you can’t trust anyone and everyone seems suspicious and with a motive; remember, don’t trust anyone!
Even if this is the fourth book of the series, I can assure you you can read it as standalone. Ready for Gone in the Night?

About The Author

Mary-Jane wrote her first story on her newly acquired blue Petite typewriter. She was eight. It was about a gang of children who had adventures on mysterious islands, but she soon realised Enid Blyton had cornered that particular market. So she wrote about the Wild West instead. When she grew up she had to earn a living, and became a BBC radio talk show presenter and journalist. She has covered many life-affirming stories, but also some of the darkest events of the past two decades.
Mary-Jane has three grown-up children and lives in Suffolk with her husband and two golden retrievers.