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My Mother’s Daughter by Ann O’Loughlin

Genre: Fiction
Source: Compulsive Readers 

About The Book

County Wicklow, Ireland. Margo has just lost her husband Conor and is grieving his passing, unsure how she and her daughter Elsa will survive without him. Then she receives a letter that turns everything she thought she knew on its head. Not only has she lost her husband, but now Margo fears she could lose her daughter as well.
Ohio, United States. Cassie has just split from her husband acrimoniously. Upset and alone she does not know how to move forward. Then her ex-husband demands a paternity test for their daughter Tilly and sorrow turns to anger as Cassie faces the frightening possibility of losing her daughter.
A powerful, moving stories of family, resilience and compassion, and how women support each other through the most difficult times, My Mother’s Daughter takes the issues closest to our hearts and makes us ask ourselves the most difficult questions – what would we do in Margo and Cassie’s place?

My Thoughts

What would you risk for your daughter’s love?
Margo is grieving, she has just love her husband, and is not ready to fulfill the dreams they both had together without him; the only reason she still wakes up every day is her daughter Elsa. I am sure that in the same situation no one would be, don’t you think? They both had the dream to make a B&B in Ireland.
On the other side we have Cassie, that is just divorcing from her husband, a very nasty divorce; but his husband now decided to ask for some paternity tests for her daughter. Now, her lovely live is a nightmare and is terrified to loose her daughter…
Now, these women lives will be linked making their life change forever, ready?
This had been a really powerful read, emotive and full of situations that will make the reader eager to help both in every way. Because who had not ever had a nightmare of loosing their loved one? Or their daughter? I really can not think how hard the situations of both characters are living; sadness, helplessness, pain and anger; never forget the anger!
This is not a happy book but a book to show us that no matter what life presents us, there’s always a way to continue living and finding a “peace” place again in our lives, that it will take time and it will not be easy, but with patience, there’s improvement.
This is the first book I’ve read by the author Ann O’Loughlin but I liked so much this story, her way to create real characters with situations that every reader could relate and experience that makes you part of the story, feeling all the emotions on your skin; that I can assure you that it will not be the last!

About The Author

A leading journalist in Ireland , Ann O’Loughlin has covered all major news events of the last three decades. Ann spent most of her career with Independent Newspapers and is now a senior journalist with the Irish Examiner newspaper. Ann has also lived in India. Originally from the west of Ireland she now lives on the east coast with her husband and two children. The Judge’s Wife was shortlisted in the Epic Romantic Novel category of the 2017 RoNA awards. The Ballroom Cafe and The Judge’s Wife were both bestsellers for several weeks in Ireland.