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Zombie Farm by Dune Craft

My friends always ask me where I find the curious products I share on my blog, and my answer is always here and there; I really don’t have a preference to find curious products, I think I simply have a magnet to the weird things! 😉
The product I want to share with you is weird and amazing at the same time, is called Zombie Farm by DuneCraft, it has some curious illustrations and rare plants, but that’s what makes this interesting, am I right?
First of all, this is not an expensive product (you can find it on Amazon for £18.77) and is recommended for ages 8+ but if you want to use it with smaller children you should be careful because it contains small parts and the plants could be toxic; so be careful.
After saying all of this, let’s talk about this product and how my little son loved every inch of it!
I always loved plants and how with just a little bit of water you can make them grow and flourish with just a little bit of patience, and I think this is something great to teach to the little ones, that with some work and patience you can grow amazing things!

I bought it specially for the Bank Holiday (this past Monday) and my son loved to help me preparing the kit. The package comes with everything you need to grow your plants, even a little vigilant (Zombie) to control that your plants are growing healthy and some Glow in the Dark gravel to make the farm more scary!
It was really easy to set-up, you just have to follow the instructions; first of all, of course decorate the farm with the curious stickers…

Then prepare the soil, with some water and dissolving them to be able to plant the seeds; it will take a while, but with patience you will have a lot of soil for your future plants.

The next thing will be planning were do you want to plant each seed; I couldn’t plan exactly where I wanted to plan everything with a little impatient on my side, but he really enjoyed putting the Zombie Plant Stakes!

Then we added the Glow in the Dark gravel; I wanted to put them on the side, but my son decided it was much more fun putting them everywhere! Let’s see if we have any plants in the end… And of course, I can not forget about our vigilant, he will keep our plants safe and healthy I am sure!

Now we only have to wait, the most difficult part is when you are waiting for the little sprouts! It’s been two days and for now nothing, but fingers crossed we will see something green soon! 😉

Do you like plants? Do you have any tip to grow quicker and healthier plants? Any online shop I should take a look?


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