Lately we are traveling quite often, I can not complain at all, I love traveling, but the intercontinental flights are a little bit of a nightmare. We always travel in economy class and I am sure you know how short are the blankets, they can not cover you at all and I always have to wear a jacket, a scarf and I have to steal my husband’s blanket not to freeze my feet! And I always wear double socks during the trips. So I think you can understand my happiness when I saw this new project on Kickstarter, the perfect Travel Blanket by Gravel !

Take a look at all the impressive secrets of the Travel Blanket…

It’s made with a breathable nylon shell and insulated core; to make you feel warm and cozy during the long trips…

It can pack easily and it is lighter than a pair of shoes!

But my favourite detail of this blanket are the leg pockets, perfect!!

So, if you always suffer from the cold air during the flight trips, this is for you, but don’t wait time, the Kickstarter campaign is perfect to buy them at a cheaper price, and then you’ll only have to book your next flight to try the Travel Blanket! 😉