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Once a Liar by A.F. Brady

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 4/5
Source: HQ Stories

About The Book

Peter Caine, a cutthroat Manhattan defense attorney, is extremely adept at his job. On the surface, he is charming and handsome, but inside he is cold and heartless. A sociopath practically incapable of human emotions, he has no remorse when he fights to acquit murderers, pedophiles and rapists.
When Charlie Doyle, the daughter of the Manhattan DA—and Peter’s former lover—is murdered, Peter’s world is quickly sent into a tailspin as the DA, a professional enemy of Peter’s, embarks on a witch hunt to avenge his daughter’s death, stopping at nothing to ensure Peter is found guilty of the murder.
Peter sets out to prove his innocence, and as he pieces together his defense, he finds that it’s those closest to us who are capable of the greatest harm.

My Thoughts

This is one of those books that is quite difficult to make a review; the story is slow paced but the problem is the main character, you don’t feel pity for him at all, he has spent all his life lying and only taking care of himself, the reader will don’t doubt that he can kill!
Peter has just buried her ex-wife when his lover appears dead, yes, and he has been living with another woman for the last 8 years… You can see that he is not a very reliable man; he even has a son that hasn’t seen for the last 5 years! But now he will have to face up everything, even the work life that had always tried to keep separated will collide in a murder investigation, no less.
The main question of the book will be, did he really kill her? And don’t pretend me to tell you the answer of that, you’ll have to read the book to know the answer! But, there’s always the doubt in your mind while you are reading the story; told between the past and the present we will discover all the secrets that Peter buried all this time, from he meets his now dead ex-wife until his collapsing world. It will be a curious trip, he was not a bad man in the beginning, he always wanted power and money, and had no doubt to do anything in his hands to achieve it. But maybe, jut maybe, when we start knowing him we can see that murder is not really his way to work, so who really killed Charlie and why is trying to frame him?
This had been a different read from the ones I am used to, I was totally intrigued with the story, there are not many “loved” characters, they all have their faults and problems and is difficult to like any of them. There are a couple of twists in the end that will make this read much more intense and twisted; for me the perfect ending! Sometimes what you saw is what you deserve, don’t you think? Once a liar...

About The Auhtor

A.F. Brady is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and two Masters degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. She is a life-long New Yorker, and resides in Manhattan with her husband and their family.