I know that I’ve been a little absent lately, but every time I travel to my family I am so exhausted when I arrive at home at night that if I don’t have any blog tour scheduled for the next day I go directly to bed!
But today I decided it was time to share with you another amazing Kickstarter project; it’s stylish and original I am sure you’ll love it!

The Coat Check Chair offers a unique design and a gentle encouragement to stay neat. The hangers’ flexible plastic makes the chair surprisingly comfortable, while its impermanent construction lets users customize in terms of hanger color and pattern. Timeless and practical, the Coat Check Chair can fit in your studio, home, boutique, hotel or gallery, letting your closet join the party.

It can held at least 170 lbs, so don’t worry for the weight! 😉

These welded steel rings are what keep the hangers from sliding down the frame. The custom rings intentionally match the diameter of the tubular hangers so they nest together beautifully.

And it has won a lot of design awards including: Core77, IDEA, I.D. Annual Design Review and Spark Awards.

Admit that it is pretty awesome! You can have one with any colour you want; take a look on the Kickstarter!