I am sure right now that you already know that I have a son and I love playing with him; no matter what kind of toy he is playing I can spend hours with him in another world.
Thanks to the nursery he has entered to the Thomas & Friends world, it was a totally unknown world for me, I just knew the Thomas character… but now I can say out loud that I know a few more characters and their numbers! Ok, jokes apart, I loved the train but I was looking for some train tracks to run them and I wasn’t sure which brand to choose. I really didn’t like the plastic ones that were set for the Thomas series, but I didn’t know neither if they were able to run on any other toys. So I was totally surprised when one lucky day, my son with Percy in his hands started to play with the Brio train trucks in a toy store, I couldn’t resist to shout out loud; yay!

I am sure for my previous product reviews you’ve read that I love the brand BRIO, it gives me confidence and security for my child; and let’s admit it their toys are so eye catching that I would love to buy all of them even for me to play! So now, I have all the BRIO accessories with the Thomas & Friends trains on them!
But don’t worry, if you don’t like BRIO like I do, IKEA tracks fit perfectly with the Thomas and Friends trains (the Motorized ones!) and they have a bridge and a turntable too. And I was told in a specialist toy store that the Hape brand fits as well, but I haven’t tried this brand, so I cannot assure you 100% that it will work.
I am not sure if everyone knew this and I am the last person to discover it, but I was totally surprised discovering that all the brands decided to use the same train pattern, they always seem to love to make small differences to force the parents to buy all the brands and products if the kids love one character or another one.

Now our family has grown extensively; 5 trains, 20 tracks, some fun expansions and we are waiting for the Smartech train, I’ll tell you how the welcome it will be! My son has been asking for it for more than 3 months, now that we are moving house we thought it would be the perfect way to play with them for the first time.