First of all I would like to thank BookLife for sending me a copy of this book, I always search for stories or play books for my son, and I forgot the non-fiction ones! There’s a huge selection of non-fiction books for kids and I always ignore them!
BookLife is focused on educative books for schools, so their books are colorful, interesting and attractive for the kids, they know what they have to do to draw the attention of our little ones!
This is the first post of a few series where I’ll be featuring the BookLife books; the ones I’ll be sharing are focused on my little one interests and preferences, but really take a look at their homepage as I am sure you’ll find a lot of books that will fit on your child’s profile!

All the children have a favourite animal, the problem is that they normally don’t know exactly their characteristics or how are they different from the other ones around them. That’s the interesting part of this series, Who’s The Deadliest, it tries to compare some animals to know which is more deadliest, bendiest, biggest, brightest, fastest or strongest. They will be compared in some interesting games with really surprising results! I have the “Who’s The Deadliest?” one, it’s made like you are in a Circus session with a Raccoon as a presenter! In the beginning we will have all the contenders with their facts and figures. In this book we’ll see a comparison of a Snail, a Jellyfish, the Black Mamba, a Hippopotamus and a Crocodile.

I really liked that there are not only colorful illustrations of the animals but a real photo of them, to allow the child to know how they look in the real world. Of course I will not tell you who wins, this is cheating! But at the end of the book there’s the Hall of Fame to know all the results in just one sight.

It’s interesting that the words that could be difficult to understand are underlined to be able to find them in the glossary at the end of the book. There’s a little quiz and activities to do when you’ve finished reading the book. This will make the information set on our child and help them understand what you were talking. I really like when a book has a quiz at the end, it’s an interesting way to remember all the information that we have read and focus on the most important facts.
This book has been a hit in my home, my son asks all the time for me to read it and asks about more information of the animals in the book. If he wasn’t obsessed with animals before, thanks to the book is the only think he talks about right now!
You can find this book on Amazon for £12.99